The iQueen

With 10 plus years in the beauty industry, one thing remains constant to The iQueen and always will, "My desire is to provide classic elegance in a fad driven society". 

Although makeup artistry is her first love, she felt compelled to take her craft further by attaining her aesthetics's license in 2012. "Educating the client on maintaining healthy skin underneath the makeup is of the utmost importance. I want everyone I touch to be comfortable in their own skin even without the enhancement of a makeup application".

Her work is considered an art. Specializing in color correcting to extreme tattoo cover ups, she has proven that she's always up for what some may perceive as a challenge. "I love the art of perfecting the skin without compromising the natural beauty of it. I'm here to enhance what you've already been gifted with".

And that's what she intends to continue to do. With every fleeting trend that may come and go her mantra will remain the same:

"Providing Classic Elegance in a

Fad Driven Society".